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“Update for the XXII family. My son who is a 12 year plus smoker has been using VLN for 3 + weeks and his words to me were “Dad this product is a life changer” He was a 12 to 15 a day cig smoker, he is now down to 3 to 4 VLN’s a day and is amazed at how he is not craving nicotine and he is feeling so much better. He works in a small factory where a lot of guys smoke and they are all eager to get their hands on our product. He has shared a few of his VLN’s to coworkers and they all had the same reaction, no reason why they wouldn’t smoke VLN’s they taste fine. A couple of his closer co workers keep asking him, those things really work huh? He just laughs and says, do you see me going outside all the time to have a smoke ?”
– From Michael B. (via email to admin@vlnsmoking.com on Jun 21, 2022)