Frequently Asked Questions

What are VLN Cigarettes?
VLN stands for Very Low Nicotine, containing 95% Less Nicotine than normal cigarettes. VLN Cigarettes are the only combustible cigarettes authorized by the FDA to be marketed and sold with the claim “Helps You Smoke Less”.

This FDA authorization came in December 2021 after a multiple year application process, which included published scientific evidence spanning over a decade and funded with $100M.

Source: FDA News Release on December 23, 2021
FDA Authorizes Marketing of Tobacco Products that Help Reduce Exposure to and Consumption of Nicotine for Smokers Who Use Them

What is Nicotine? Why is reducing Nicotine important?
Nicotine is the addictive substance in cigarettes and other tobacco products. Having less nicotine means you won’t become addicted and stay addicted to smoking cigarettes.

VLN Cigarettes contain less than 0.5mg nicotine per cigarette. Compare that with 12mg in Marlboro Gold 100 or 19mg in Natural American Spirit Yellow Mellow King.

Where can I buy VLN Cigarettes?
VLN Cigarettes in two varieties VLN Kings and VLN Menthol Kings are coming to a store near you in the coming months.

VLN Cigarettes started being sold on April 13, 2022 in 159 Circle K stores in the Chicago area for an initial pilot lasting for 3-6 months. After this initial launch, national rollout will start at approximately 7,000 Circle K stores in the USA, as well as other retail outlets to be named later.

For more info, please see the Crain’s Chicago Business article:
The people making these cigarettes want you to smoke less

How much do VLN Cigarettes cost?
VLN Cigarettes will be priced as a premium cigarette brands, $9-$12 per pack, depending on the state and taxes.

VLN Menthol King and VLN King

Won’t people smoke more to get their nicotine fix?
Studies have shown that people do not smoke more to get their nicotine fix. For example, see:
The Role of Compensation in Nicotine Reduction
Neal L Benowitz, MD, Eric C Donny, PhD, Kathryn C Edwards, PhD, Dorothy K Hatsukami, PhD, Tracy T Smith, PhD

Conclusions: The available research on switching from NNCs to VLNCs shows minimal evidence of compensatory smoking such that smokers do not smoke more cigarettes per day and are not exposed to higher levels of tobacco combustion toxicants. Furthermore, mathematical estimations based on the nicotine availability in VLNCs compared with NNC cigarettes with consideration of potential increases in bioavailability that could occur with intensive smoking suggest that substantial compensation would be impossible. It is much more likely that smokers who are unable to tolerate the extent of proposed nicotine reduction would switch to other sources of nicotine, rather than try to compensate by smoking more VLNC cigarettes more intensively.

What is the Science of VLN Cigarettes?
There is a large body of peer-reviewed scientific research leading to the FDA authorization, as well as ongoing clinical studies.
18 published studies spanning the last decade
27 ongoing clinical studies

VLN Cigarette have FDA authorization to claim “Helps You Smoke Less”

Are VLN Cigarettes dangerous?
A VLN Cigarette smells, burns, and tastes like a conventional cigarette with the only difference being that they contain 95% Less Nicotine, so they are as dangerous as conventional cigarettes.

Less nicotine does not mean less dangerous, but means that it’s easier to smoke less or stop smoking altogether.

How about vaping?
We take a neutral position on vaping, well aware there are many facets to the topic and heated controversy.

All methods of smoking cessation should be available to help people smoke less or quit smoking, but we are primarily focused on educating the public on VLN Cigarettes in particular.

To this end, a reasonable view is that the unattainable Perfect should not be the enemy of the attainable Good. This is especially critical when it comes to stopping the suffering and death of the disease burden of tobacco smoking, that causes 480,000 deaths in the USA and 7 million deaths worldwide every single year.

VLN Cigarettes coming to a store near you