VLN Cigarettes

Helps You Smoke Less
Due to 95% Less Nicotine

VLN Kings and VLN Menthol Kings

What are VLN Cigarettes?

The acronym “VLN” stands for Very Low Nicotine. VLN Cigarettes contain 95% Less Nicotine content than normal cigarettes. VLN Cigarettes are the only combustible cigarettes authorized by the FDA to be marketed and sold with the claim “Helps You Smoke Less”.

Please watch the videos below for a quick overview of nicotine, smoking addiction, and how you can smoke less or quit smoking. For a deeper dive to learn more, visit the page: Frequently Asked Questions.

Introduction: How lower nicotine content in cigarettes leads to reduced smoking. Published in the highly reputable New England Journal of Medicine: Randomized Trial of Reduced-Nicotine Standards for Cigarettes
Deeper dive: The role of nicotine in smoking addiction and cessation. A talk given by Mitch Zeller, former Director of the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products

VLN Menthol Kings and VLN Kings

VLN Cigarette have FDA authorization to claim “Helps You Smoke Less”

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